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Monetization Generative AI (GenAI) London team is focused on making significant progress in AI-powered content generation for ads applications. In the past year, generative AI has seen some of the most significant breakthroughs, particularly in large language models and image generative models. Meta Monetization GenAI’s mission is to lead the charge in generative AI technology and build products that will help businesses become more productive and efficient. The London team is particularly focused on image and video generation. Individuals in this role are expected to be recognized experts in AI and machine learning, particularly in areas such as generative AI and computer vision. The ideal candidate will have a keen interest in producing new applied science to make computers more intelligent, and more importantly convert that into production at a large scale.
AI Research Scientist Responsibilities
  • Lead applied research to advance the science and technology of deep image/video/text generation for applications in ad creative generation
  • Work towards long-term ambitious research and productionalization goals, while identifying intermediate milestones
  • Influence progress of relevant research communities by producing publications
Minimum Qualifications
  • Has a Ph.D. or is in the process of obtaining a PhD degree in computer vision or machine learning
  • At least one publication as first author on the following six venues: NeurIPS, CVPR, ICML, ICLR, ICCV, ECCV
  • Experience in generative AI research
  • Experience communicating research for public audiences of peers
  • Experience in developing and debugging in Python and on Pytorch
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with diffusion models for image/video generation with publications on this topic on NeurIPS, CVPR, ICML, ICLR, ICCV, or ECCV
  • Work experience/internship in an industry, or government lab(s), in a role with primary emphasis on AI research
  • Experience driving original scholarship in collaboration with a team
  • Experience in developing and debugging in C/C++

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