5 Mistakes To Avoid When Leaving A Job 

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Are you thinking of quitting your job for a much better opportunity? To do it smartly, you must know about the mistakes to avoid when leaving a job

That’s right; leaving a job on good terms with your employer and colleagues is essential, as any of them could turn out to be helpful in the future. 

There wouldn’t be any point in working at an organization if you failed to build and retain good professional relationships. 

Many people resign from their job without following the right steps. This could affect your future prospects negatively. So, how can you avoid that? Simple, this guide is all about helping you be more vigilant and thoughtful when leaving your current employment for a new one.

career mistakes to avoid

Chapter List:

  1. Quitting Without Prior Notice
  2. Telling Coworkers About Leaving Before Your Boss
  3. Speaking Unnecessarily At Your Exit Interview 
  4. Not Deleting Personal Files From Your Work Computer 
  5. Not Helping Your Successor 
  6. What’s Next? 

1. Quitting Without Prior Notice 

One of the most common mistakes people make is quitting without giving any prior notice of resignation. This is highly unprofessional behaviour that can leave the company vulnerable. 

You should give your employer at least 2 weeks of notice before moving to another job. This enables your employer to prepare for the transition period. The notice period you are required to serve before leaving depends on each company’s specific set of rules and regulations. 

Some organizations require employees to serve a month-long notice period before leaving. Regardless, it’s always good to inform your employer before leaving unless you are working in a significantly toxic environment. 

Don’t know how to develop a resignation letter? Check out these sample resignation letter templates to get started. 

2. Telling Your Coworkers Before Your Boss 

Here’s another popular mistake to avoid when leaving a job. You are advised to always inform your employer about your resignation first, before announcing your decision to your coworkers. 

This is because news tends to travel pretty fast in the corporate world. If your employer hears about you resigning and moving to another workplace from somebody else, it will make them feel disrespected. Plus, any trustworthiness you had with your employer could disappear instantly. 

Therefore, make sure to keep the news to yourself until it is confirmed. Then inform your boss that you are leaving before breaking it to your colleagues. 

3. Speaking Unnecessarily At Your Exit Interview 

Many employees start badmouthing their organization, employer, work culture, and colleagues during their exit interviews. However, this approach is exceedingly negative and should be avoided at all costs. Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t raise your concerns or highlight any poor practices or experiences. 

You are free to speak your mind but don’t damage any good professional relationships you made while working at a company just because you are leaving. Instead, try to be calm and collected and share your experiences professionally at the organization in your exit interview. 

In addition to this, you can give constructive feedback. Whatever reasons you have for leaving or differences you have with your employer or colleagues, it’s always good to have an expansive network of resourceful and competent individuals. 

Be smart about it, and choose your words wisely. 

4. Not Deleting Personal Files From Your Work Computer 

Employees end up leaving personal files and information on their work computers. This is not a problem as long as you are working at the same organization. 

However, it becomes a grave issue if you quit your job and hand over your office laptop without deleting all personal files and information. Your details can easily fall into the wrong hands, putting you at risk of unpleasant circumstances. 

career mistakes to avoid

Therefore, ensure to check your laptop entirely to find and delete all personal files. This is one of the most important mistakes to avoid when leaving a job since you wouldn’t get another chance to erase your data.

5. Not Helping Your Successor 

Training your replacement and showing them the ropes before leaving is the best thing you can do for your employer. If your successor has not been confirmed yet,  you can create a welcome package by including all the details about your clients and projects for whoever succeeds you.  

Furthermore, it’s advisable to ensure your work files are fully updated and readily available to your peers. You can also introduce your successor to the clients they will be managing and the colleagues they will be working with on a daily basis. It is a good way to help your replacement break the ice with others in the organization. 

Lastly, make sure your boss knows about the current status of all your projects before leaving. 

What’s Next? 

A pro tip is that no matter how much you loathe your current job, never leave without lining up another one. It helps keep your resume free from any noticeable gaps. It also prevents you from going broke by maintaining a steady income stream. 

Gaps in a potential employee’s resume raise red flags for employers, making it difficult for people to land a job. Hence, you should always quit after obtaining an employment offer or contract from your new employer. 

Have a clear roadmap to follow in case you are unable to get another job and want to leave the current one quickly. This involves planning your finances accordingly by ensuring you have enough savings to take care of yourself and your dependents. 

Similarly, if you plan to migrate for a job, make sure to do thorough research to learn everything about foreign work visas. Of course, you’ll also have to find out the total amount needed to finalize your migration plans. 

You can also keep checking the job openings at Jobs N Recruitment daily to avoid missing out on any desirable job opportunities. 

To Conclude 

Did you make any of these mistakes when leaving a job in the past? Don’t repeat them. It’s time to embrace professionalism and remember the mistakes to avoid when leaving a job.

To sum it all up, aspire to become the best employee at work and leave your job in such a way that you are always welcome to come back. 

Are you looking for a new job? Visit Jobs N Recruitment today and find a wide variety of jobs across multiple industries all over the world. 

Best of Luck! 


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